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You Keep Using That Word… I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

One of Mia’s spelling words for this week is “injure”.  We always go over the definitions of all of her spelling words.  She giggled a little bit when we got to “injure”.  She told me that when she was little, she thought that “injure” meant “to get better or to heal”.  So she said she used to tell people who were sick or hurt, “I hope you get injured!”.  I never knew this!!!  LOL!!!  Can you imagine a sweet faced little girl seeing you sick or hurt and telling you, with a smile on her face, “I hope you get injured!”.  So to any of you who she has told this to, she truly was trying to wish you well!  🙂  She said that someone (can’t remember who) finally told her that they didn’t think “injure” meant what she thought it meant.  The things that kids say… <3

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