Albuquerque family

Winter relapse, Grandma’s leaving early

As soon as I decide I’m excited about Spring, and I stopped sneezing from allergies, Albuquerque gets cold again! Well, now I’m sure to really appreciate the good weather once it returns. It’s really hard to beat warm days in the 70’s, seeing flowers starting to bloom, trees starting to leaf, hearing birds chirping, seeing butterflies fluttering, and finding lady bugs on your rosebushes. Spring is a wonderful time of the year!
My Grandma Peny will be leaving us earlier than expected. She’s leaving a week early to try to catch my cousin’s hockey game in Binghamton, NY… he plays for the Binghamton Senators (AHL). #25… Go Bobby Robins! So anyways, we have to say goodbye to Grandma next Wednesday. 🙁 I think maybe she’ll be glad to be away from Sean since he’s been such a stinker to her during her stay here. But we’ll all miss her bunches.

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