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Wing Stop vs. Wing Basket

We ate at Wing Stop this afternoon after sledding. Nathan and I both agreed that it was definitely better than Wing Basket. We tried the “Original Hot Wings” and the “Hawaiian Wings”. Both are pretty good. Also purchased a large (boy, do they mean large! more than a pound!) french fries. We finally found a place that penalizes us for sharing a drink… they don’t allow refills on soft drinks if you share. They’re a Coke establishment (we prefer Pepsi), but at least they serve Dr. Pepper. I was slightly disappointed in the blue cheese dressing that we got to dip the hot wings in… tasted like ranch with blue cheese crumbles in it, but was still tasty. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more “kick” to the hot wings, but I wonder how hot their “atomic” wings are… that might be pushing it. When Nathan first brought the food to the table, he told me to smell the hot wings. They sure burn the nose when you smell them, but definitely weren’t as hot as they smelled. Overall, I’d give Wing stop 3 and a half out of 5.

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