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Wiggles Safari and other stuff

In recognition of the late Steve Irwin, I bought Sean his first Wiggles DVD. It is the “Wiggles Safari” which features Steve and Terri Irwin and their daughter, Bindi. I’m sad that the Crocodile Hunter is gone… I’ve really enjoyed his shows. Sean watched the video today and he seemed to enjoy it. He always likes shows with animals and enthusiastic people. Add singing and dancing to that, and you’ve got him hooked for the whole 45 minutes!
We had a nice long weekend for Labor Day. Nathan took an extra day off, so we got to spend 4 whole days together. It was pretty cool. Check out my Flickr page for some pictures from our weekend. We rode the Rail Runner train. The trains are pretty fancy. every other seating area has a small table and an elctrical outlet so you can plug in your laptop. Nathan said they have wireless internet too. We also went to visit Nathan’s grandparents. That was fun. We walked a bunch and found peacock and guinea feathers and got to feed the horses, too. The next day, we went to Sandia Crest and hiked from the Crest to the Tram and back. It’s about a 3 mile hike, roundtrip, so it took us quite a while with Sean in tow. He wanted to be carried a bunch on the way back from the Tram, so that took forever. We had fun checking out all the different mushrooms that are up there right now. Sean really enjoyed hitting the puffballs with a stick and watching the “smoke” (spores) come out. He thought he was making fire. Finding more puffballs was Sean’s motivation to continue hiking, even when he was really tired.

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