Where’s my Soda, Mommy?

Sean, my mom and I went to Target today and were shopping when an employee announced over the loud speaker that everyone needed to come to the front of the store. She kept repeating that we all needed to get to the front of the store, and her voice was getting louder, almost in a panic. We all scurried to the front of the store (it was like a shopping cart race), then they told us we needed to leave all our carts and merchandise and go into the parking lot. We stood by the front doors for about a minute and none of us knew what was going on, then we overheard a man say that there was a guy being chased by the cops and he ran into the store. Mom and I decided we’d wait by the car in case anything crazy was about to happen. Several cop cars drove up as we were walking to our car. A couple officers ran around the back of the building, and I saw others going into the store with guns. That was our cue to leave and do our shopping another time.

Sean was upset because in the rush of trying to get him out of the cart, and get all our stuff together, I left his popcorn and soda in the cart. Most of the way home, it was, “where’s my soda? Where’s my popcorn?”. Mom was upset cause she had to leave the shirts she was going to buy for $2 each. I just wanted to get outta there, especially after seeing the police with their guns. What a fiasco!

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