Weekend of visitors

We had a wonderful weekend of visitors that just passed. My brother and his family stopped into Albuquerque for a couple days on their way to Denver from Texas. Sean got to play with his cousin Evan, and we all got to cuddle little 3 month old Andrew, too! It was great! Us parents even got to escape for a bit without the kids while my mom and grandma watched all 3 little ones. That was nice… I can’t remember the last time that the 4 of us were able to have conversations without being interrupted by the kids. 🙂 We got to do some shopping (the boys at CompUSA, and the gals at Linens n Things and Old Navy) and had some tasty Fraps at Starbucks. Other friends of ours, Chris and his lovely new wife, Kelli, were able to stop in on Friday night on their way to Needles California. Chris is a college buddy of Ethan, my bro-in-law, so Ethan came over too. It was pretty fun having so many people come through the house this weekend! Anyone want to come over next weekend? 🙂

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