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Weekend of moving and changing tires

We helped a relative of Nathan’s Grampa move in Albuquerque on Saturday. There was lots of stuff to move and try to fit into a smaller place, but we helped get the job accomplished. Saturday night, Nathan and I couldn’t sleep because of obsessive dreams about moving and getting things to fit into trucks and what not. LOL! And my muscles got such a workout that they were twitching most of the night too. Crazy! On Sunday morning, we woke up before the sun got here and left to attend church in Deming. We love to go down there and visit the church down there, but we haven’t been able to do it while Grandma Peny was staying with us. Anyways, we had a nice service there, a fabulous picnic lunch (ended up being at our friends’ house since the weather was bad), and got to visit with our friends. It was a good day. On the way home, we planned to stop into Las Cruces and visit with some more friends and have pizza at Uno’s. But on the way out of Deming, we got a screw in our back tire. Nathan put the spare tire on and we got the flat one fixed, then he replaced the fixed one. Between the 2 of us being unexperienced with cars… it was slightly surprising that no one got hurt while changing tires. 🙂 After all that, we ended up not having time to go to Las Cruces :-(. We had a quick dinner at Burger King and headed home. I fell asleep in the car while Nathan was driving, and when I woke up, I was reading the signs on the road to see where we were. I saw a sign that said “Las Cruces, 15 miles”… Nathan had taken the wrong entrance to the freeway and headed south instead of north. We almost made it to Cruces, afterall! LOL! It was really funny. We lost about an hour of travel time on our scenic detour, but that’s okay. That just gave me more time to hold my honey’s hand in the car while we were driving home and we made it home safely, that’s the important thing.

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