Weekend Festivities, Water conservation

We got to visit Kyle, Amanda and Sarah this weekend in their house in the mountains. The weather was balmy, but there wasn’t any actual rain at their house. But when we got home, our backyard (hence, our dog) was soggy and muddy. Apparently, the city got most of the rain.

We’ve been in much need of the rain recently, and it seems the late summer monsoons have come just in time. I think that rain collection barrels should be standard in places like New Mexico since the rains come so infrequently, but are often very heavy, but short in duration. We should all save the rain water to water our lawns and gardens with. We put buckets out under a downspout by our porch to collect the rain water. they buckets often fill up in just a few minutes with steady rain. We also try to save the water that is used when you wait for your shower water to warm up. If I’m really desperate to save water, I’ll even rinse my dishes in a dishpan, and pour that water on my garden. The plants seem to really like it.

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