Week 7 of Pregnancy #3

I had my first prenatal appointment today.  It was just a bunch of talking and discussion about testing and what to expect throughout the 1st trimester.  I’m 7 weeks pregnant as of today.  I have a dating ultrasound scheduled for Feb 9th to get a more accurate picture of when the due date will be.  I have to get tested for gestational diabetes at the beginning of pregnancy since I had it last time.  I have to jump right in and do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test, instead of the 1 hour test.  When you do the 3-hour testing, they give you a super sugary soda type drink and draw your blood before you drink, 1 hour after you drink, 2 hours after you drink and then 3 hours after you drink.  Yep… 4 pokes in all, assuming they hit your veins on the first try.  I’m not looking forward to that, mostly cause sitting around a lab for 3 hours doing nothing is boring!  They don’t allow you to leave and come back because any activity can skew your results.  I will be having a repeat cesaerean, even though they’ve recently changed the recommendations saying that women who have had 2 c-sections can still be good candidates to have a normal delivery.  Since my first 2 c-sections came after long labors and nothing happening, the assumption is that it would happen again if I tried to have a normal delivery.  Also, a c-section after having a long labor is very hard on the body, carries more risks, and requires longer to recover, so I think having a scheduled c-section is a good thing.  I think.  That is, even though mentally, having weighed the possibilities of the different outcomes, and knowing a SCHEDULED c-section is the best decision, I still wish I could experience a regular delivery.  But the chance of going through another long labor and then ending in another c-section is just so discouraging.  Plus there’s the risk of uterine rupture at the site of the surgical scar, although that is pretty rare, even after 2 surgeries.  I’m sure I’ll get over my desire to have a normal delivery. I’m sure Nathan will think I’m nuts for even thinking about it at all.

So at 7 weeks, my uterus has already doubled in size.  I already can’t button some of my pants unless I use the rubber band trick.  My doc said that’s pretty normal for 3rd pregnancies… you start showing right away because your abdominal muscles have pretty much given up.  I have no morning sickness (Yay!).  The doc said it probably would have hit by now if I were to get it.  My only complaint is that I’m sleepy all the time.

I learned from my doctor that doing pilates (I love pilates) during pregnancy can help with sciatic nerve problems, which I’m already starting to feel.  I also learned that it’s okay to continue with exercises where you lay on your back for short periods of time, even after your 4th month.  You just shouldn’t sleep on your back after your 4th month.  What if I fall asleep on my back while I’m doing pilates?  Hmmm…

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