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Warm weather, “How dare you?!”

It feels like spring. Trees are blooming, Juniper is making me sneeze like crazy, and I’m hearing birds and seeing butterflies fluttering around. I love this time of year (as long as I’m near my allergy medicine). My Kansasian relatives are coming for a visit next week. Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy the weather and visit the botanic gardens and zoo. Sean has really been wanting to see the gorillas. He’s been asking me pretty much every day the past week.

Sean has a new phrase he likes to say. He says “How dare you!” at pretty random moments, but it’s usually pretty funny. He’s also been saying “You have a blueberry for a daughter”… that’s from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, in case you didn’t know. He likes it when we stuff pillows into our shirts to make us fat like blueberries, and he says he’s the “loompa loompa” and he rolls us to the juicing room. Lot’s of fun, that kid is.

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