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Walking the TV home

Did you see that weird guy walking down the street from Costco with a big HDTV on a flatbed cart? It was strange… he was just walking down along the sidewalk, down the road from Costco with the big thing on the cart. Well, I saw him. Oh yeah, I also married him. 🙂 We bought a new tv yesterday and it wouldn’t fit in the car, so since we live less than a mile from Costco, Nathan asked to borrow the cart and walked it all the way home. It was a sight to see… I regret not getting a picture of it. Nathan was so excited to get the new tv that he couldn’t sleep last night, so he went ahead and left for work 2 hours early. I think it’s cute when he gets excited about gadgets… it appeals to my geeky side, I suppose. Anyways, thankfully, the TV seems to work fine, so we don’t have to return it… that would be a huge pain the walk it back to Costco!

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[…] We got a Vizio GV47L TV. Vanessa mentions the ordeal of getting it home. It supports 1080p only through HDMI connections. Ironically, we don’t have anything 1080p to plug into it. The VGA input only goes up to 1360 x 768, but that’s all my computer can handle anyway. If you have a widescreen monitor and are looking for wallpapers, go to flickr and look through pictures tagged with 16:9. Most games don’t seem to support widescreen unless you edit config files or do other workarounds. It’s usually worth it, though. Rise of Nations, Ghost Recon, and Jedi Outcast are spiffy in widescreen. The best demo of HDTV (without buying a pricey bluray or HDDVD player or pricey cable packages) seems to be over-the-air network broadcasts. Yeah, just plug an antenna into it. Now, what to do with the old CRT TV that is about as heavy as a large calf? We can’t really put it anywhere, for fear it would topple on the lad, so to craiglist it goes. […]

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