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vanessa vs. stomach bug

I was out of commission yesterday evening and afternoon from some sort of stomach bug. I felt better shortly before going to bed, thank God. I lost 3 pounds in that one afternoon. Not the way I recommend losing weight, that’s for sure, and yet, I don’t miss those pounds. I’ll probably gain it all back… it’s probably fluids lost. Today, I’m still a little afraid to eat much. I had dry toast for breakfast. Maybe I’ll have a banana, too.

Last night, Nathan kept telling Sean that “Mommy is sick”. So last night after I was feeling better, I wanted to hold Sean before we put him into bed. Every time I tried to touch him, he’d groan and pull away and say “sick”. It was soooo funny! He thought that if I touched him he would suddenly be sick too, I think.

update: I felt good enough to workout today, so I did. then I started having stomach problems again this afternoon. I ate some bread and now I’m fine. How weird is that??

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