For those interested in an update on Mia’s eye:  She was diagnosed with probable Uveitis in her left eye.  Her vision in that eye is greatly affected due to the inflammation and scar tissue that has developed from it.  She has been put on eye drops to control the inflammation (8 times a day) and to dilate the pupil (3 times a day) in hopes that the scar tissue will eventually break up.  She needs to go in for more testing since Uveitis sometimes has some sort of systemic underlying cause such as some autoimmune disorders (juvenile arthritis, lupus, etc.).  The Ophthalmologist will be scheduling weekly appointments to follow her case.  Please continue to pray for Mia.  She is such a trooper, but she is so scared of needles, and they will need to draw blood today (and possibly in the future) to figure out what is going on.   Thanks so much for your prayers for our sweet girl!

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Vanessa, you are a fabulous Mom! I am so proud of you and the way you jumped on this to get to the bottom of the cause. We will be praying for our Mia and thanking God for his guidance and healing. WE love you all and thank you for the Update as we are most interested in how we can pray for her needs. LOVE YOU

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