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Use “homeschool” in a sentence…

A recent post on a homeschool blog I follow pointed out the example sentences that pop up when you look up the word “homeschool” on ¬†What are your thoughts on this?

“If she can’t find anyone willing to validate her helicopter parenting, she’ll homeschool.”

“If you want to keep your kids from reality and turn them into mindless automaton copies of yourself, homeschool them.”

“If you wish to teach your children such nonsense, then homeschool where lame propaganda can remain unchallenged.” (this one shows up on the mobile version of


I’m not exactly sure how they choose their sample sentences (I can’t find any info on their site), but I read from another person that they are randomly picked from sources online. ¬†However, the bias of these sentences doesn’t seem all that random to me.





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