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Us can prep your childrens for kindergarten! Only $200!

I saw an ad today on Craigslist that advertised for a summer day camp to help prepare your child for kindergarten. I plan on homeschooling my children, but I looked at the ad to see what types of activities were planned as part of the program. I really got a kick out of the ad. Part of the ad stated:

” This will be a month long program with TWO CRETIFIED Rio Rancho Kindergarten teachers. “

I am not responsible for the capitalization… it was like that in the ad. Here’s more of the ad: (The parts within the <> are my doing.)

“Would you like to make sure they <are> ready for August?

If so than <then> this Kindergarten Camp is for your child.

Hurry and sign your child up today, there is <are> ONLY 8 spots available!
$200.00 for the month!”

Now, I know that you may think, “oh, those are just typos”. Yet, if you were advertising for an EDUCATIONAL program, and wanted to highlight the fact that you are CERTIFIED to teach, then wouldn’t it make sense to proof read and spell-check your ad?

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They are not real teachers…it’s not just the typo, but the grammar as well.
It’s very easy nowadays to do a spell and grammar check on the computer.
I won’t be sending my children to that kind of camp :-):-).

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