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Update on Callie, Zoo trip

Callie is doing somewhat better today. She is finally eating again. We went to the Vet’s to see her today. She is still on IV fluids, but she looked good and she started purring a bit. They said that the plan is to send her back home as soon as she’s eating well. So we’ll see when that will be.

We took Sean to the zoo twice today… let me clarify. The first time, we went to the zoo, couldn’t find parking because it was insanely crowded, so we left to go to the Aquarium instead. While on the way to the Aquarium, Nathan noticed that he didn’t have his wallet-o and we need to show our ID to get in with our yearly pass. So we went back home, ate some lunch and decided to try the zoo again since it was within a couple hours of closing time. We figured that enough people would start leaving and we could find a parking spot this time. So we drove to the Zoo again… found a spot and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Sean. He’s such a big boy now that we didn’t even take his stroller.

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