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Ultrasound pics

Had an ultrasound the other day to confirm how far along I am in the pregnancy. I’m am confirmed to be about 9 and a half weeks along. Here’s the pics from the ultrasound. The baby is the white blob in the black area. The head lies to the right and the rump is to the left with what appears to be the legs pointing upwards. I got to see the heart fluttering on ultrasound and hear it beating via doppler as well. I LOVE THAT! It just confirms that there’s this little person growing inside. Still no morning sickness or nausea. I get indigestion every once in a while, but never real bad. I have very few negative symptoms of pregnancy, so I’m very blessed. Next appointment will be July 21st, and I will be 12 weeks along by then (heading into 2nd trimester!)

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