Thunder, car accident

We woke to the sound of thunder this morning. Then it started to rain, so I took Nathan to work. After dropping him off, Sean and I were involved in a minor accident. A truck merged into my lane and hit the driver side front door. No injuries, only cosmetic damage to the vehicles. The other driver was very kind. First thing he asked was if we were okay. Aside from a mild heart attack on my part, we were fine. Sean didn’t even notice. We waited a long while for the police and someone to bring information for the other driver (it was a company car, so he had to contact his “risk management” guy). Sean ate grahm crackers and drank water while we waited. The claim is made. It will cost us $250 for the deductibles for repairs. We’ll get reimbursed the amount if the other guy is found at fault.

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[…] I was involved in a minor accident in July. See here and here. I just received word from the “other” insurance company. They’re claiming that after their “investigation” that I was at fault for the accident and that they’re denying my claim for reimbursement for the repairs. Funny that whenever I returned their call to tell them what happened, they wouldn’t call me back. How can you have a thorough investigation if you do not speak to all parties involved? And so begins our letter writing to try to convince them that they’re WRONG. I’m more than a bit annoyed at the whole situation. Grrrr! […]

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