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The Daddy that had to work

Sean woke up early this morning, in time to see Nathan before he left for work. Nathan kissed us both goodbye, then was out the door. Sean followed to the door and started crying after Nathan left. He continued to cry for about 5 minutes more, despite my attempts to give him Mommy comfort. He kept saying “Daddy. Work. waaaaah!” over and over again. I think this boy loves his Daddy. 🙂 I think Sean got used to seeing Nathan all the time while we were on vacation.

We’re trying to wean Sean from drinking milk from a bottle. I decided he was ready to try it after he drank some out of a sippy cup without making a fuss. That apparently was a fluke. Ever since then, he asks for milk, then refuses it after we show him the cup. He is willing to at least take a few sips of milk from it, but you kind of have to force him. Not the “hold him down and force it into his mouth” type of force, but the suggestive “just a few sips” type of force. I think he’ll get used to it in no time. Especially since his choices of drink for now are water (in a sippy) or milk (in a sippy). I think it’s time for him to give up the bottle, so we’re going to press on with this little battle.

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