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Tangy Weeds

We tried eating those purslane weeds that we have growing in our backyard. I didn’t think they were too bad. Nathan said they tasted “leafy”. I thought they tasted like one of the greens in that spring greens mix they sell pre-bagged, but a bit tangy. I liked them okay. Dunno if they’ll bcome a regular staple in our diets though. I put them on my salad and they mixed in well with the tangy Italian dressing.

Speaking of salads, When I went to Australia a while back, I had salads there that were topped with some kind of sprout. It wasn’t alfalfa sprouts that you can find here. It was more flavorful. I really liked them, but haven’t been able to find out what they were. Maybe I’ll Google “Australian sprouts” and see what comes up. 🙂 I was hoping that the weed we have growing might be it, but I don’t think it is. And now, speaking of sprouts, here is the way to Sprout Wonderland. Who knew that some people loved sprouts THAT much?

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