Survey Guilt

I got a call this morning from an un-named company asking me to take a survey about fast food restaurants. “Upon completion of the survey, we will donate $1000 to the Make-a-wish Foundation. Now, would you please be SO KIND as to complete this survey?” She really layed it on thick the way she emphasized the words, as if I would be a terrible person keeping $1000 from the charitable organization if I did not complete the survey. I didn’t like them trying to guilt me into it. I asked them to put me on their “do-not-call” list. She made it sound like for every survey they get, they’ll donate $1000, but I highly doubt that. They’ll maybe donate $1000 after the completion of the whole survey project, so as long as those few people who love to give their opinions on stuff participate, the M-a-W Foundation will probably get some money.

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