Albuquerque food

Sugarcane, Blue Crabs

Grandma Peny bought some sugarcane at Ta Lin World Market today. It’s kinda fun to eat. You put some in your mouth, chew it and suck out the sweet juice, then you spit out the pulpy part. It’s very yummy, and thirst quenching too, if you store it in the refrigerator.

We also bought some blue crabs while we were there. Those are sooooo yummy! And eating them takes me back to my childhood in Virginia. The smell of them cooking makes me think of summer days at the beach with a raw chicken neck tied to a string and a net in my hand. That’s how we caught crabs… no traps for us. You throw out the chicken into the water, wait a few minutes and enjoy the ocean. Then you pull the string in slowly, and when it’s close enough, you scoop up the chicken into the net, and usually along with it come a few crabs. Crabbing is one of the many wonderful memories I have of the ocean.

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