Spring Saturday

Mia had a great idea to go to the Aquarium today to check out the new Pacific Coral Reef exhibit.  Unfortunately, everyone else in town also had the same idea.  We couldn’t find a single place to park.  Instead we ended up at Tingley Beach.  We walked around the crowded ponds for a little while.  We saw some guys sailing their RC sailboats, zigzagging through the water.  We watched people ignoring “No Parking” signs and signs that said to feed the ducks only in the grass so that you don’t pollute the pond water.  Then we decided to head into the adjacent Bosque area.  It was nice to get away from the crowds and the sound of traffic.  We walked around the 2 “Wildlife Management” ponds back there.  There is no fishing in them, so it was pretty much empty and the water was so clear.  Sean found some cat tails and had fun spreading out their seeds in the wind and getting them all over us.  After the ponds, we walked over to the Rio Grande.  The kids threw sticks into the lazy river and waved “bye” to their stick boats as they floated slowly away with the current.  Kai would throw his twigs in and say, “Di-Di”.  A pair of Canadian geese were watching us from a nearby sandbar.  It was a beautiful afternoon with the sun playing peekaboo with the clouds floating overhead. After leaving the river, we waded back through the crowds of people.

I love afternoons like this with the family.  I told Nathan that we need to take a trip up to Jemez soon, now that it is getting warmer.  I love driving up there and through the Gilman tunnels.  After our afternoon of walking we ate at Subway, made a quick trip to Tar-jay, then back home.  Subway has become one of my favorite places to eat.  If you haven’t tried their flatbread, you should… it’s like soft pita bread… so yummy, but I wish they had whole wheat flat bread.

I wanted to ignore the Shred workout (day #7) for today since we walked so much, but Nathan and I went ahead and got it done.  I’m glad I didn’t chicken out like I originally wanted.  The workout is definitely getting better.  Also it’s to the point where I pretty much have it memorized.  I’m not looking forward to moving up to level 2 on Wednesday though.  I previewed the workout and it looks tough!  I guess if it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger?  As of Day 7 of “The 30 Day Shred”, I’ve gained 2 pounds then lost 3.  So it’s an overall loss of 1 pound.  That’s not much, but I feel good.  I notice that I have more energy, I’m sleeping better at night, and I’m getting through the cardio portions of the workout much easier.  Yay!

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