Spam Lovers

A lot of filipinos like Spam (the canned meat, not the unsolicited email). Do you like Spam? Could you spend $50 on Spam? Well, here’s information on your free gift!!! I must admit, I don’t strongly dislike spam. My mom used to put it into omelettes instead of using ham. That’s tastey. Also for those Spam lovers up north, or travelling north, you need to go here.

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When I read your title, Spam Lovers, it reminded me of something. Back in the mid-90’s when Rob and I were on our way out of Busch Gardens, a guy and his teen son were singing a SPAM song. “SPAM….wonderful SPAM….You can eat it with eggs or ham…” I don’t recall the rest of the words, but it seemed as if SPAM really did have their own song. The guy and his son were even wearing SPAM shirts. Everybody around them thought they were serious SPAM Lovers, so they were teasing them a bit. I thought they put on quite a show that evening.

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