Shred day #5

I’m surprised at how the workout is improving with each passing day.  The first day I wanted to barf.  The second and 3rd days, not as much.  Yesterday, not at all.  Today, I felt strong aside from a little knee pain.  I’m not so mad at Jillian Michael’s anymore and I didn’t pretend I was punching her when we did the cardio punches.

I didn’t want to workout today because I had a slight headache and I was SURE that working out would make it worse.  I decided to give it a go and then stop if it kept getting worse after a little while.  During the workout, I realized that my headache was gone!  I think the  headache is from being dehydrated.  I need to remember to increase my water intake since I’ve started working out.  I bought some coconut water (my favorite-est drink ever!) to drink only after my workouts… It’s my little reward for sweating like a pig.

I like how quick the Jillian Michael’s workout is, but I’m finding that it leaves my muscles really tight.  There’s not enough stretching in the cool down for me.  I’m thinking about adding in some pilates and/or yoga into the mix.  Maybe not necessarily a full workout… Just some quick exercises or positions.


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