Shred Day #3

Accomplished day 3 of the “30 Day Shred”.  We are still on level 1 for 1 more week, then bump it up to level 2.  I didn’t feel like barfing at all today, so that’s encouraging.  Does any one else get a beet red face when they workout?  It’s really odd how red my face gets.  It’s not just my cheeks… it’s my whole face… beet red… If you know how tan I am, then you know it has to be lot of color to show up that much.  I tried some 3 pound weights during a small portion of the workout, but it was too easy.  I think I’ll stick with 5 pounders.

I haven’t taken measurements, but I have weighed myself.  I’ve gained 2 pounds since last weekend… that’s weighing in the morning before eating anything.  That’s how things go for me… I put on muscle really quickly, but shed fat slooooowly.  It’s annoying, but what can you do?  I know after continuing this for a while, the extra muscle will help shed (or “shred”) more fat.

So I finally decided to start working out more (that means more than “not at all”) and eating better because Kai is now almost 19 months old and someone asked if I was expecting again.  I pointed at my pooch and said, “No, this is just leftover from the last one.”  🙂  I totally do look like I could be well on my way to having another baby… and I have to admit, I still have kept some maternity shirts around because most of my non-maternity clothing is really not that flattering on me.  I was wearing a maternity sweater when I was asked if I was expecting again… it has been banished to the back of the closet since then.

I also need to get on track health-wise because a whole slew of bad genes runs in my family… you name it… diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol… I’ve already had high cholesterol, but was able to get that back to normal without meds.  Right now I have borderline high blood pressure, so I need to try to get that under control.  As for diabetes, I’ve had gestational diabetes for my last 2 pregnancies, but thankfully, things returned to normal after having the wee ones.  But that also puts me at even greater risk of getting diabetes as I get older.  My doctors tell me that it’s not “if” I get it… it’s “when” I get it.  So maybe I can delay it as long as possible???  Hope so!

I’m feeling strong and I’m liking the slightly sore feeling in my arms… it makes me feel like I accomplished something.  But let me just say… Ab work is really killer after having 3   c-sections.  Oy!

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