Sean’s Mouse Story

A mouse.   A tan mouse.  He walked to town.  Then he found some hole.  Then he went to the mouse cave.  When he got there, his friends were having a party.  They were making fun of him.  So they threw a bucket of water.  Then he went out of his mouse cave.  He waited and waited until his friends were done with the party.  So his friends caged up his mouse cave.  So he lived with his papa and grandmother instead of his mouse friends.  So he just took a bath.  Then on the next day, his friends were still having the party.  So he waited and waited and waited for thirty days.  Finally, his friends were done with the party.  But he couldn’t get into his mouse cage ’cause they locked it up.  So he didn’t like his mouse friends.  So he got some friends that were named Sean and Sarah.  So they went to the park.  They brought their dog.  So they gave their dog a walk around the park.  So they all went to bed and read haunted stories.  When the darkness was done, that was the next day.  They ate breakfast then got up from the chair.  They put their bowls in the sink.  Then they went to school.  Then they got to play on the playground.  Then they ate dinner.  They didn’t know how to cook ’cause their dad was at work.  So they watched a cooking show.  But their cooking show was dessert cooking show.  Their cooking show was the wrong one.  They wanted to make green eggs and ham to eat but those TV shows were in the south pole so they rode an airplane.  They went to the south pole.  So they went to somebody’s house.  They watched their cooking show there.  That was the only place on the planet to watch those TV shows.  Green eggs and ham…that cooking show.  So they went on the airplane to their world.  So when they were bigger, their job was to work at the space station.  Then, they worked on fixing one of the spaceships.  When they were done, their job was over.  It was twenty minutes.  So Sarah cooked dinner.  When they were done, they went to bed.  In bed, they read dinosaur stories this time.  Then on the next day, the three mice got dressed.  So they wanted to draw pictures.  When they were done, they went to their work.  They fixed three spaceships ’cause there were three of them.  So they went to the park again.  They brought their dog again.  They walked five laps around the park.  The end.

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I feel very honored to have my daughter published in such a great story. Sarah said she liked it, and that it was funny!

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