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Sean’s back, wingbasket mishap

Sean spent a few days with Nathan’s parents this week. We got him back this evening. I sure missed the little guy. I did enjoy waking up very late and reading at my leisure for a few days.

We went to eat at Wingbasket the other day. They’re “okay”… nothing spectacular. We wanted to eat at Wingstop, but didn’t know where any were. Anyways, today, I was reviewing our debit card account online and I found an extra charge at the Wingbasket that we didn’t make. Don’t know how that happened. I can understand having an extra charge on the same transaction, but this was a completely different transaction for a completely different amount than what we had originally spent. How does that happen? They would have had to run the card through twice, no? Hopefully they don’t have our card number laying around somewhere. I called and spoke to a manager, and he gave me a refund after I showed him my bank statement and our receipt from our visit. What if I didn’t keep my receipt? We probably wouldn’t have gotten our $9 back. What’s my point? Make sure to keep track of your debit card and credit card charges… you could get over charged.

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