Sean turned 2!!!

2 years ago, I spent a several days in the hospital, and when I got to come home, we had this new little person with us. And now he’s 2 years old!!! I can’t believe it! Sean has had a total of 3 birthday parties for his 2nd birthday. One in Houston at Chuck E. Cheese, One at our house with Nathan’s family and my mom, and one with our friends and loved ones at my mom’s restaurant today. At the first party, he cried and screamed when we sang happy birthday. Yesterday, he got upset again. Today, he got a little upset, but there was no crying or screaming, at least. He received an abundance of cool toys, cute outfits and just Swwweeet birthday presents. I think he had a ton of fun, despite the singing of “that” song. My little guy is growing up… Happy Birthday, Sean! And THANKS to everyone who was present to help us celebrate his special day!

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