“Sean Alter’s Funny Story”

A clumsy cat fell down a hill, rolling to town.  The  cat went to clumsy town.  It started raining.  After the rain, it was dark.  On the next day, the cat got into a rocket and flew to another planet.  It was filled with green, little heads.  Those were the aliens.  There was one little doggy in space.  The clumsy cat picked up the little doggy and flew back to earth.  The cat didn’t know how to fly, so he crashed into a jet.  He jumped out of the rocket and went into the jet.  Then the jet crashed into a house.  The jet engine blew out a candle in the house.  Then the candle flew into space.  The End.

(Sean dictated this story to me and asked me to write it down for him.  I got his permission to publish this original work on my page. 🙂  I charge 5 cents per word for taking dictation.  The boy owes me 6 bucks.   Anyone else want to hire me?)

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