Sean “Air” Alter

Sean started playing basketball for It’s a neat program where all the kids get equal playing time and a chance to start. In his age group, they don’t even keep score because the kids are still learning the game. Each week, they also hand out cards to the kids that have a Bible verse for them to learn before the next practice. At every halftime and halfway through the practices, the kids and coaches get together and talk about the Bible verses they’ve been learning and how it applies to their lives. This has really been a great motivator for Sean to commit some verses to memory. So far, I’ve been very pleased with this program (Thanks for telling me about it, P!).

Sean is on a team with 5 and 6 year olds. Nathan and I aren’t big sports watchers, so this has made us realize that Sean has never actually seen a real basketball game. Before Sean started playing, he thought playing basketball was just shooting baskets. So when they have games, he kind of wanders around aimlessly and passes the ball to people on the other team. He even claps and gets excited when the opposing team scores a basket. Watching his age group play a game is pretty cute. Sean is also very non-confrontational, so he doesn’t like to get closer than 6 feet away from the person who he is supposed to be guarding. It is too funny. There’s usually about 4 kids out of 10 out on the court that know what they’re doing. At today’s game, his coach announced him in the starting lineup as “Sean ‘Air’ Alter”. Anyways, we got some free tickets to go see the Lady Lobos tomorrow against NMSU, so hopefully that will give Sean an idea of what basketball is supposed to look like.

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