Sale at the Disney Store…well, not really. Walmart lies.

I was buying a couple things at the Disney Store yesterday that were “Buy 1, Get 1 free”.  The tag on the items both said $6.50.  When I went to pay, the register rang them up as $8.50 each, and took off $8.50 for the BOGO promotion.  I didn’t argue with the cashier at the time because I thought I must have read the price tags wrong.  So after she rang them up, I opened my bag to check the tags.  The tags were ripped off.  Not the whole tag, just the part with the price on it.  I don’t remember seeing the cashier do that, but either she did, or I picked up some items without tags after reading the price on another item of the same kind.  Anyways, I went back to the shelf to check the price on the items there.  Some had the price ripped off,  some said $6.50.  Curious, no?  I took 2 items identical to the ones that I purchased for $8.50 and showed the cashier the tag that says $6.50.  Guess what her response was…

her: “Yeah, there was a price increase.  They’re $8.50 now.”

me: “What?  So, you guys mark the items up a couple bucks so you can then put them on sale?  That’s silly.  Even the “buy 1, get1″ sign says $6.50.”

her: “Someone was supposed to pull off all those original price tags.”  (She walks over to look at the sign I was referring to)  “Yeah, the sign says $6.50 too.  I’ll have to call the manager.”

The manager came out, but didn’t acknowledge me at all (sorry, but that’s bad customer service), but I overheard her telling the cashier to *sigh* go ahead and give me the difference.  So there I stood as a line of people impatiently waited behind me since there was only 1 register open.  The cashier then  said, “*sigh* I’m going to have to run this as a return then re-ring the items and take the discount.  It’s going to be a HUGE (yes, she really emphasized the hugeness of it all)  pain. *sigh*”   I had to bite my tongue… hard.  Was she trying to make me feel bad for catching them marking up their prices so they could put them on “sale”?  I hate when businesses do that.  Bad Disney!!!!  I’m just glad I got my $2 back.  Yep, all that for just $2.  Well, I’m sure they’ll be marking up their prices even more for their final clearance sale because the store is closing in May.

The moral of the story is… watch the price that the registers ring up… they’re not always right, especially if an item is supposed to be on sale.  This has happened to me at many businesses, many times.  I watch the register display like a hawk because of this.

I also had a similar incident at Walmart recently (another place with a stellar record for bad customer service, in my book).  I was buying a spaghetti squash, but the cashier couldn’t find the code for it, so someone else told her to ring it up as a yellow squash, and they assured me it would be the same.  Since I often don’t just take someone’s word for it, I had to check for myself (stubborn, I know).   I went back to the produce section and  double checked.  Yellow squash was $1.98/lb, compared to spaghetti squash, which was $1.25/lb.  My cost went down by over $2.  Yeah, I know it’s a measly $2, but a buck is a buck, right?  Sorry, but I don’t just give money away for free.

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