Ripped off in a Jiffy, Balloon Fiesta time!

First… I don’t trust Jiffy Lube anymore. On different occasions, I’ve brought my car in to be serviced and have had questionable results where the question is actually whether or not they performed the service that they claimed they would. For example, when I brought the car in to have the brake light replaced. I didn’t think to check it after I paid them and before leaving… they conveniently hold the door open for you and wait by your car for you to get in… so that makes you feel like you need to hurry up so that person can get back to work. When I noticed that the light had not been replaced and brought the car back, they told me, “Sometimes the new bulbs burn out right away. We’ll replace this one for you free of charge.” Um, yeah, you better! The other day, I brought the car in to have a chip on the windshield repaired. I paid, and again, there was a young man begrudgingly holding my door open waiting for me to put Sean in his seat and get in myself so that he could say (in unenthusiastic fashion), “thanks, have a good day”. That afternoon, I took a closer look at the “repair” and it was a chip in the windshield… no difference noticed. When I was checking out, The guy told me that I might notice a “small spot” where the chip was, but it should fade. Yes, he was right… there is still a small spot where the chip was, but IT’S THE CHIP in the windshield. Thanks a lot Jiffy guys! Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way about them… check out this investigative news report. So after all that, I read up on how to repair a windshield chip, and a website mentioned that most auto insurances will cover minor windshield damage, even though the policy holders might not know it. So I called Progressive (our car insurance), and sure enough, since we carry “comprehensive” coverage, they pay for the repair. So we get our windshield repaired for free… they’re even giving us mobile service at our home. Well, unfortunately, I don’t get my $35.00 back from Jiffy Lube. Mental note: the bad service at Jiffy Lube is not a fluke… it’s a habit. Do not go there… at least, don’t go to the Jiffy Lube in Albuquerque located on Juan Tabo Blvd.

Second… It’s Balloon Fiesta time again!!!! I LOVE to go to Balloon fiesta on opening morning to see the hundreds and hundreds of balloons hitting the skies. This year, they’ve lowered their prices, I think. Last year I paid $15 for the park and ride, and this year it’s $10.50, and it includes park admission which is usually $6 alone. Parking however is $10 per car. I think they have a steep parking fee because they’re trying to discourage people from driving themselves and want them to take advantage of the public transportation system. If you’ve ever tried to park at Balloon fiesta park, you would know that paying the $10.50 for park and ride is WELL WORTH IT! The traffic gets insane around the parking lots. I heard from some friends that there is a Darth Vader balloon this year. Sean is excited to see that. Now the only question remains… can I wake up at 4 am to get to the park in time to see the dawn patrol? I’m still debating that one. Here’s the balloon fiesta website.

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