Redness Gone

Mia has been on a corticosteroid eye drop, 8 times a day, for a few days.  It has dramatically cleared up most of the redness that was visible in her eye.  We won’t know about any of the internal inflammation until her follow-up appointment later this week.  She is also on a pupil dilating eye drop 3 times a day.  Because of the inflammation and scar tissue that has developed, her pupil is no longer round.  I’m not sure if it will ever return to a regular shape, even after treatment.  Her vision is still very blurry, but that is expected since her pupil is constantly being dilated.  We won’t have the results from the blood tests until the appointment later this week as well.  Thankfully, she is living life as she normally does.  Her wonky vision doesn’t seem to bother her unless she is in bright light.  If anyone sees her wearing sunglasses, even indoors, it is because she is very sensitive to light since her pupil is always dilated.  It’s not because she’s going for the “movie star” look.  🙂

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