We’ve recently had some visiting relatives and a friend from Singapore stop into town. We had TONS of fun showing them around some of New Mexico. I also learned that Singapore is an island country, a little smaller than Albuquerque, but with a population that is about twice what we have in all of New Mexico. Pretty crowded place, I guess. We got to try some of the food from Singapore when my cousin and his classmate cooked a really delicious dinner for us, and I think they were pretty happy to try some authentic New Mexican food with all the green chile deliciousness as well. While we had visitors, we did some hiking in the mountains, went to Santa Fe, the VLA near Socorro, Stone Age Climbing gym, and the guys did some caving at Junction Cave at Malpais National Monument near Grants, NM. Fun, fun, fun. Check out my pictures page for some pics.

In other news, I took a neat picture last week.

Yippee Skippy!!!! We’re excited!

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