Ready, or not, he’ll be here soon!

Days until scheduled c-section:  5

Car seat installed: check

cloth diapers washed and ready for that tiny tushie:  check

baby clothes washed and hung: check

mom’s bag packed:  ummm, not quite.  Things are gathered, just not technically in a bag.  Note to self- throw some socks into the pile of stuff to bring.  Oh yeah, and the baby’s clothes too!!!  LOL!

Dad’s bag packed:  no… he’s even more of a last minute packer than I am.  Note to Dad – don’t forget gadget chargers, clothes to sleep in, some snacks, and some extra pillows.

Camera charged:  check

Bassinet ready:  check

Crib ready:  check

Baby toiletries acquired:  check

Freezer stocked with Dad friendly microwaveable meals:  check

Older kids ready to be spoiled by Lola, Grandmother, and Papa while Mommy is out of commission for a while:  Definitely check!

I think we’ve covered most of the major bases.  We’re pretty much ready!  Now we wait!  I’m still sleeping pretty well, thankfully.  Sean and I have put school on hold, even though I had planned on continuing all through this week.  There’s just too many appointments that have been happening this week to continue.  Plus, I wanted time to just enjoy with my bigger babies before most of the attention is poured onto the newbie.  Extra snuggles and cuddles are definitely in order for them.

I’m starting to wonder how Mia will do with the big change.  At first, I thought she was so independent that it would be no problem, but she’s been getting more clingy and whiny in the past couple weeks, so now I’m not sure.  She does like to “read” books to my belly, so maybe that can continue after the baby is born.  Maybe she’d be willing to read to him anytime I’m nursing him, that way I can spend time with both of them.  As for Sean, he’s excited about the baby, but I think he’s even more excited about a new update for one of his favorite computer games to come out!  (get him talking about Minecraft 1.8 and you’ll never hear the end of it!)  So I don’t know if he will even notice any changes.  LOL!  As for Nathan, he’s pretty much convinced that he’s never going to sleep ever again now that we have 3 kids. And he doesn’t even have to get up for feedings!  The good thing is that his memory is so bad that most of the time he doesn’t remember whether he slept badly or not. I’m not one of those nice wives that sleeps in the other room with the baby so we don’t wake up Daddy… I figure since I have to get up so much, then I want to sleep in my own comfy bed (when I do actually get some sleep) and keep baby in the bassinet right next to me, right?  Yeah, I mean like that. But like I said, Nathan won’t remember a thing… not with his bad memory, plus sleep deprivation on top of it!  LOL!  I most likely won’t post any more blog entries until this new little guy and I are 2 separate entities.  Lots of prayers for an easy and successful surgery and birth and recovery are much appreciated!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I’m getting so excited to meet him!


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