Putting the drops away

I’m putting the eye drops away.  We are stopping Mia’s eye drops  today after a slow taper since late June.  She has been tolerating the Methotrexate very well since July, her left eye has been “quiet” since July also, and her eye pressure has improved.  We are hoping and praying that the MTX is enough to keep her eye flare free.  If her eye stays quiet while on MTX alone, then we can begin to think about tapering off the MTX.

Please keep Mia in your thoughts and prayers that she will not have problems going forward and that she will go into full remission from the Uveitis.  We’ve tried twice before to go off the eye drops, and her eye flared up again within 4 days to a week.  This is the first time we are stopping the eye drops while using Methotrexate, so hopefully this is the medication that will work for her.  Her vision is holding steady.  She still has scar tissue that is giving her an irregularly shaped pupil.  She also still has some band keratopathy (calcium deposits on the cornea that form “bands”, caused by the chronic inflammation), but thankfully it isn’t in her visual field so it’s not really affecting her eyesight.

I’m so thankful that with all the inflammation in her eye that she’s had in the past year+, her eyesight is still really good and I pray it continues.

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