Progress Report

I can walk in sneakers without limping!  Today I walked a mile and my calf felt pretty good, except on the uphills, it felt a little tight and I had to slow down.  Four days ago, I walked a half mile and was pretty sore afterwards.  The other day I discovered that I can ride my bike pain free.  I’m still sore in the mornings, but after some stretching and massage, I can get around as normal around the house.  I’m back to cooking and doing chores as usual.  I will try out the elliptical trainer tomorrow to see how that feels.  I’m so thankful that after 3 weeks, I’ve reached this point already.  Yay for answered prayers for healing!  Yesterday, I walked down 5 flights of stairs in a parking garage with no problem (I took the elevator back up), I just had to take it slower than normal.  I will still have to stay away from high impact activity for a little while longer, but I prefer walking/biking/elliptical training anyways.


In Mia’s eye news, we are down to 3 times a day on the Prednisolone (corticosteroid) eye drops, still dilating 3 times a day, and using drops for her ocular pressure twice a day.  We have a follow-up appointment on April 14th.  Things are looking good.  After Friday, we will take the Prednisolone down to 2 times per day.

We are making progress, but now all 3 kids have colds, some with fevers.  Hopefully these colds will not linger for too long.

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