Probably not the right place for this…

I had an unpleasant dinner the other night at a local restaurant.  There was a woman and her 2 children, one was preschool age, the other was elementary school aged.  The littler one kept crying and crying.  Soon after, the older one began crying and crying… not the throwing a fit type of cry… the emotional, hyperventilating, my heart is broken type of cry.  I didn’t mean to be dropping no eaves, but their mother was speaking loudly enough that anyone within the vicinity could hear what she was saying.  She was explaining to her 2 daughters that their mommy and daddy would no longer be married and living together, and how they would have to spend time with each of their parents separately from then on.  Their discussion continued with lots of questions from the kids, and crying… lots of crying.  My heart was breaking for those poor kids.  That was the saddest dinner out I’ve ever had… I can’t imagine how it must have been for that mom and her girls.  They’ll probably hate that restaurant from now on because of the sad memories it holds.

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