Pregnancy Invisibility Powers

When I was pregnant with both Sean and Mia, I was hit/pushed by little old ladies and their shopping carts.  Mind you, it wasn’t little “oops, excuse me” type of hits with the shopping carts.  It was repeated pushing and pushing, and wondering why the cart wasn’t moving forward, as if I was some invisible barrier they had to contend with.  When it happened while pregnant with Sean, I just thought it was a weird and funny occurrence.  After it happened with Mia, I figured I must turn invisible to some people when I’m pregnant.  Maybe my powers of invisibility are directly proportional to the size of my growing belly… who knows.  Well, today, my suspicions were confirmed.  Instead of being assaulted with shopping carts, this time a man started taking off his pants inside the Goodwill store to try on (or steal) some pants off the rack.  He came over to the book section and I was the only other person over there.  There were fitting rooms in the back of the store.  He chose to try on the pants in the book section at the front of the store, right near the front windows, RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  Um, what is that???  I probably looked like I had just stolen something with how quickly I fled the store.  It was a strange morning.

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Dear Vanessa,
Invisibility during pregnancy is a little documented but very real condition. I suffered it while carrying both my children, so much so that my own mother had trouble seeing me. Shopkeepers would look through me, and at parties it was as if my husband had arrived on his own. I believe it is a mysterious but very real ailment, you fade as you belly grows. Once you have your baby, the invisibility is complete and it is quite possible that it remains permanent. (although the baby remains very visible) One should perhaps consider turning this strange phenomena to one’s advantage and do all sorts of things that would be considered unacceptable by ‘normal’ people. (I am actually writing a short story on this very subject at the moment.) Thank you for posting.

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