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Pregnancy Dreams

When I was pregnant with Sean, I had the most outrageous, funny and entertaining dreams. They were often pretty bizarre and very amusing. This time around, I’ve started having nightmares. Nothing baby related, thankfully, but nightmares, nonetheless. In one dream, we were planning to go camping, but that morning I had a few contractions. We started timing the contractions and they seemed to have gone away. So we went ahead and went camping. Nathan was fishing in a stream near the campsite and Sean was playing with the rocks and sticks in the grass nearby when he started screaming about a big black spider. I ran over to Sean and saw a huge black widow spider. I tried to stomp on it and it jumped out of the way, and suddenly it turned into 2 spiders. I tried to step on them again and then there were 3… you get the picture. And just so you know, I don’t like spiders much.

Another dream involved lots of snakes and one that bit my kitty cat. Another dream involved a mass murdering samurai dude who I was hiding from and trying to escape from. Everywhere I hid, I found another one of his victims. Last night Nathan and I seemed to be stuck in a Jurassic Park type dream where we couldn’t get away from the T-rex. I was so scared, but Nathan kept telling me not to move so the T-rex wouldn’t see me. I was shivering in fear so bad, I was sure I was going to be seen and get eaten. The T-rex finally went away and we were running to a safe area and all these little dinosaurs were following us and nipping at our heels. I was beating them with my purse. Then I woke up.

I don’t so much like these dreams. I want my funny dreams back.

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