Precious Moments

A couple of the best moments of my day were at the very beginning and the very end… Waking up to my 3 babies snuggling into bed with me this morning was great.  I’m so thankful for our not having to rush around getting ready from the moment we wake up.  Morning snuggle time rocks!  Then tonight, hearing my 2 year old pray on his own before bed… “Dear God, Thank you (for this) day.  Thank (for) Daddy.  Thank you (for) Mommy.  Thank you (for) Mia.  Thank you (for) Sean.  Thank you (for) Kai-Kai.  Thank you (for) Mommy.  Thank you (for) Daddy.  (In) Jesus name, Amen.”  He (leaves out) a few words here and there, but I’m sure he’s being understood.  It was also cool that he was feeling double thankful for Mommy and Daddy.  🙂  So thankful for our family!

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