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I’ve been terrible about writing on here lately because Facebook status updates are just so much easier and quick.  But sometimes, you need more than 420 characters to get your thoughts out.  Or so you think.  Nathan already blogged about pretty mych everything I was going to say about our weekend…   So here ya go.  Yep, hard to believe that Sean’s already old enough to lose his first tooth!  Where did all the time go?  Time went really slow while he was a little one and wasn’t sleeping through the night yet, but after that, it’s like time has sped up soooo much!

Aside from that, we’ve been keeping busy with school.  Sean is zooming along through 1st grade.  He also just started a homeschool PE and Art class through our local County run community center.  We had initially started a PE class through UNM, but he quickly got bored with that because they didn’t have them doing anything really fun, plus, we had to pay for parking every week which added up, and didn’t make all that much sense for just 30 to 45 minutes.  Oh yeah, and it was really early in the morning.  This new class starts just after lunch, and is offered 2 days a week instead of just 1, and it’s only $10 a month.  Good deal.

Mia is now 21 months old.  She’s lots of fun and is starting to talk a little better.  Whenever you ask her where something is, for example, her shoes, she responds with, “Shoooooes!  Where are yoooouuuu??”  She looooves animals and we always hear, “awwwwww, doggy!” when we drive by a dog park nearby.  She doesn’t like being pestered by her brother, and makes it very clear when he is invading her personal space, by screaming.  We’re trying to break her of that habit (screaming)… it’s pretty annoying.  And for some reason, that gives her brother even more motivation to pester her.

Nathan and I celebrated our 9th anniversary back in September.  It’s been a wonderful 9 years being married to him.  Again… time has flown by!  9 years already!!! I love that man… *sigh*

On Saturday, I took the kids to a Lowes Build and Grow Clinic.  Sean built a periscope out of a kit with wood, nails, and plastic mirrors.  He really enjoyed getting to hammer pieces together and watch it take shape.  He’s been expressing a strong interest in learning how to build things, so I  think going to the clinics at Lowes would be good for him.  They also hold kids’ clinics at Home Depot on the first Saturdays each month (I think).  Mia was content to sit in her stroller and watch all the big kids wielding hammers.  We already signed up for this Saturday’s clinic too.  Sean will build a snowman.  I wish I got to do that kind of stuff when I was little.

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