Physical Therapy Appointment

Little Miss had her evaluation today for Physical Therapy.  The PT said that even though her right leg muscles are a little smaller than the left, she didn’t see any cause for concern.  She said sometimes it’s just how kids grow, but if there was any evidence of weakness (problems running, jumping, walking, etc), then it could be a problem.  Little Miss was able to do all the exercises she asked her to perform, and while it was apparent that the right was a bit weaker than the left, it wasn’t abnormally weak in general.  She showed great coordination on both sides.  So we left there with the recommendation that we do home care with specific exercises and stretches to try to even up her strength in her legs.  Yay!  Answered prayers!  The thought of going to PT twice a week (like the rheumatologist was recommending)  was hard to swallow and sounds very expensive!

The next appointment coming up is a follow-up with the eye doc… we’ll see how she is doing now that the steroid eye drops are being tapered off.  She’s down to one steroid drop a day this week, and then zero next week.  Let’s pray that the inflammation has cleared up and that she won’t have to continue the drops!

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