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Pediatric Rheumatologist Appointment

Little Miss had an appointment with the Pediatric Rheumatologist today.  I thought we’d have to wait until the beginning of 2015 to be seen, but they called last week and said they had an opening  (yay!).  No joint issues were obvious, but he noticed that her left leg muscles are larger than her right leg muscles.  He said this is sometimes seen when one leg is used to compensate for the other leg when kids have joint pain.  He is referring her to a Pediatric Ortho Doc and is recommending Physical Therapy to strengthen her right leg.  Once again, we have to wait for our insurance to pre-approve the treatment to see the Ortho doc, so we just wait.  He recommended PT twice a week for an indefinite period of time.  She is also being referred to a Pediatric Dermatologist for a few skin and fingernail issues.  He wants to make sure that she does, indeed, have eczema and not Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a concern because it can also affect the eye.  If it is Psoriasis, treatment would still be the same, but it’s just a good thing to know.

New blood tests were ordered today.  It took 3 sticks and 2 different phlebotomists to get blood.  She did SO WELL.  She cried a little, but it was mostly in anticipation of the needle.  How I wish I could  have the needle sticks in her place!  She amazes me that she is still so sweet and talkative even when she is crying and scared.  She was telling the phlebotomists about her brothers, video games, board games, unicorns, etc.  Fun Fact:  The phlebotomist who did her blood draw today was one of the ones who trained me when I was doing my clinical training in Med Tech school about 15 years ago.  That was pretty cool.  🙂

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