PDA Amnesia

I was looking for something on my PDA last night, so I got it off the docking staion. When i turned it on, it wanted me to set it up as if I had just bought it. All the programs we installed on it were gone, as well as any information like contacts and email. I put it back on the docking staion hoping that my computer would give it back all of its “memories”, but no luck. My computer wanted me to go thru all the set up all over again too. Alas, I’m having to reinstall all the numerous programs we had on it… all the games, bible programs… everything! What a pain! Grrr, I say to the PDA! Nathan thinks that maybe it got shocked when it was put on the docking staion or something. Thankfully, I have all the contacts on my desktop, so that’s fully restored. And Nathan wonders why I still use paper for somethings. 🙂

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