Password boo-boo

The computer at my mom’s restaurant mysteriously gets itunes installed on it over and over again. To prevent this, my mom limits other people from using the business computer. I check the computer every now and again for programs that she doesn’t want on it. After the last time I found iTunes and Limewire on her computer, we decided to create a limited XP account for other people to use while on the computer and changed her business account password. Well, the next time she tried to log on, the new password that we had changed it to wasn’t being accepted. I admit, I must have done something weird… my bad. Anyways, Nathan said that worst case, we would have to reinstall Windows. I decided to check the web for any other remedies. The easiest one we found was this. Thankfully, it worked and all is well again. Boy did I feel silly after that nerdly faux pas.

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