On the Rebound

Unfortunately Mia’s uveitis is back.  They consider this “Rebound Inflammation”, meaning that it came back quickly (never really went into remission) and is likely part of the same flare up.  We are back up to a steroid eye drop once every hour, and a dilating eye drop 3 times a day to try to let the eye rest and prevent scar tissue from developing.   Mia and I are both sad that it came back so soon.  The doc we saw today said we may just need to taper her off the steroid drops very slowly, or even try oral medications like methotrexate (ugh!).  We will see her regular eye doctor on Friday morning.  They may also suggest that she head back to see the Rheumatologist since this is still an active flare up.  Once again, thankfully, she isn’t suffering much pain… a little leg pain, stomach pain,  and a little eye pain, but from what I understand, it could be MUCH worse.    So Praise God for that!  I’m also very thankful we have access to such a great medical team for our girl. They think she is likely having inflammation all over her body, but the most obvious is the eye.  So please keep those prayers and well-wishes going!!!

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praying for my bright eyed girl! I love you Mia and I am so proud of how brave you are. May God watch over you and your family and provide for your every need.

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