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Nose hemorrhage, icky bugs

Nathan already beat me to it about posting this stuff, but here it be again… Sean had not only his first nosebleed yesterday, but his first 3. Ay-yay-yay, the stain removal!!! He had the first one while he and I were walking around Target. All of a sudden, I looked down and there was blood all over his hands and arm. Then it started dripping onto the floor before I realized it was coming from his nose. I scrambled to find some tissues in me bag while he continued to drip blood. 4 Target employees were right next to us restocking shelves and just watching. Thanks alot! I found the tissues, cleaned up sean’s face, cleaned up their floor, and carried him away to the bathroom. Only after all that did one of the employees say, “he okay?”.

After eating our weight in Taco Bell, we decided to go for a walk in the foothills area at the end of Copper Blvd. Funky yellow gnats all over, unless you walk pretty fast. We didn’t get very far before Sean had another nose bleed. Of course, no tissues to be had. We took off his shirt and used it instead. It already had blood stains from earlier, so why not? We probably looked suspicious holding a small child with no shirt on, rushing back to the car, with his bloodstained shirt up to his face. We passed some trail runners and one of them thought it might be the altitude. Not likely.

About the bugs… very annoying! The buzzing, the landing on my arms, the swatting… not the most enjoyable walk I’ve had up there. I wondered if the gnats actually bite, too. I didn’t notice any while we were there, but later, I had a couple on my arm and leg.

Anyways, we changed Sean’s shirt at the car in the foothills, and took him to a nearby park to play, since the gnats were annoying. Then when we arrived home, he had his 3rd nosebleed, and stained his other shirt. Anyone know of a good blood stain remover?

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