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(No) More Coffee, Please!

What do you get when you give a 2 year old a sugar laden coffee drink? Here’s what Nathan says. The saga continued, however, after Nathan got to go to bed. Sean was still up, even after we put him in his bed at 11:30. He came to our door and was just making weird noises… not really calling for us. I think he was immitating an owl. I got up to put him back in bed. I could tell he was having trouble getting to sleep. He couldn’t stop moving his legs. So we stayed up for a while longer. I had to sing “twinkle, twinkle, little star” about a bazillion times before he started to relax. Then he was up at 8:30 this morning. Now I could really use some coffee! It was funny though to watch him play last night. He was pretending to swim and fly, and doing flips on the carpet. At one point he also decided it would be fun to get off of the recliner head first and flip over. After he did it, however, he decided that was NOT fun.

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